Illustrated Guide
to Israel

with deep thoughts
and valuable suggestions.

by Michael Mostov


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Quick facts for serious traveler


If luxury is not your style
there are hotels for any budget
There are places to stay even if you are totally broke


If you are not fish,
I recommend visiting fish market.

Of all other Mediterranian treats I particularly suggest cake "Kiev" - it's finger-licking good.
You can always get it in local groceries, often run by former programmers


Avoid direct sunlight - it can be very destructive


A visit to western wall is a must
Make sure to enter the right section
- there one for men, one for women
and one for for everybody else.

Traffic rules:

Better stay on sidewalks !


For few bucks trio of unemployed programmers will perform dangerous tricks
I also highly recommend gladiator fights:

One on one... (250K)
Real Player requred
Make sure to turn sound on!

Anything goes...(230K)

Lebanese Border



Good bye, Israel! I'll be back...

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